Festival Camping

Camping On Site

For your own installation we recommend a small, cosy and neat tent. This is the best way to enjoy the land and create the best atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Avoid building your own stage on the camping site, it will not be appreciated as much as you want it to be.


You will pass the village of Garbicz at our accreditation point and receive your Camper vehicle pass.

In order to preserve the land, we organized designated areas for everybody to have enough space. We have a traffic team who are very experienced, everybody hates to be stuck in traffic so the best for you is to always follow their instructions.

Silent Camping

Need some peace and quiet?

Just before the gate, we created a silent camping area, full of tranquillity to enjoy the silence for those who prefer to be away and not too far.

You may hear the mosquitos coming before they bite you.

Tent hotel

Garbicz has a community that spreads over the borders of Europe far and wide. For our overseas travellers or those who just prefer some pampering we’ve installed very comfortable bell tents with 4m and 5m options.

You can choose between twins, couples, groups or friends and family arrangements.

Let us know your requirements and make a reservation here tents@garbiczfestival.com

The tent hotel is limited so book early to avoid disappointment!