Garbicz Festival 2023

2 – 7 August





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Dear Garbicz Friends and Family,

On the 10th of November 5pm CET the ticket sales for Garbicz Festival 2023 go live! And before we start we want to share this letter with you.

We hope this letter finds you in good spirits, reminiscing what has been to many a summer of dancing, coming together, and reconnecting — a summer of love.

We want to start by thanking you once again for making Garbicz 2022 possible! Without your support, we would be nowhere. We are incredibly grateful for our community, we are here thanks to you, and we are here for you.

Dziękuję bardzo! Herzlichen Dank! Thank you very much!

But as the way things work in our universe, as soon as you solve one challenge, the next set of challenges approaches. This year, we faced some new challenges that brought some sobering realisations. We realised that we need to communicate better and foster our community, that we don’t want photos and Instagramming on our dancefloors, and that we need to reduce our environmental footprint. But the most pressing issue we realised, which is a heavy weight to bear for us, is that we currently find ourselves approximately €800k in debt. Ay caramba.

The pandemic had a significant financial impact on us, and while the festival returned, it didn’t return a profit. One factor for this is we wanted to honour our ticket holders from 2020 while not being able to sell enough new tickets to respect the capacity of our site and crew. We also faced the rising costs of almost everything due to escalating inflation of over 13% in Poland each year. The upside of all this is that we still managed to pull it off. The downside is that we are now even more in financial trouble.

Because of this, the only solution to keep Garbicz alive is to increase our ticket prices for next year. Which looks as follows.

First Bite: €375.00

Early Bird: €395.00

Catch me if you can: €425.00

Late Owl: €465.00

Note: An additional fee of €15 Euro for each ticket will be added by Tickettoaster.

We hope for your understanding.

Despite this, we have been hard at work to make it worth your while:

  • Tickets come with Bassliner transport to and from the festival, our complementary stainless-steel drinking bottles to reduce disposable water bottles, and €80,- of credit for food and drinks to keep our ticket at a competitive price with other festivals.
  • We are also opening more space up to camp next year as well as activating more areas of programming, allowing us more room to spread out while maintaining a similar population. Only tent camping will be allowed on the main site, we have opened two special RV/Caravan/Car camping grounds for this edition of Garbicz: Sunrise Camp and Silent Camp for bigger crews with bigger campsites.
  • This ticket price allows us to get out of debt as well as an increased creative budget for art, music, and programming. There has been a great deal of creative development over the last few years that we are really excited to share with you!
  • It also allows us to allocate more budget to making the festival a greener and more conscious festival, as we believe we owe it to our environment to sustain it, the same way it sustains us. We will share our 2023 concept for this with you in one of our upcoming newsletters.
  • As we believe Garbicz should be open to everyone, we are still opening applications for our supporter programme, which allows people who can’t afford a ticket to still be able to come and be a part of Garbicz next year.


Get Your Ticket


As said; ticket sales will start on the 10th of November 5pm CET, with more information to come! Stay tuned…

We look forward to exchanging smiles and hugs again on the dancefloor next year!


The Garbicz Team