Garbicz Festival

Garbicz Festival is taking place from July 31 to August 5 2024

Music & Arts Festival in Poland

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Dear Garbicz Festival Family

With the dawn of a new year, we embark on a journey of fresh pleasure, recreation, and holistic well-being in the heart of nature. Welcome to “Kurort,” our serene and enchanted home nestled in the heart of Garbicz. It’s more than our legendary music festival. It’s an arts and holistic experience to transform us all into better humans who create a better world.

Welcome to

KURORT ˈɡɑɾ.ɓɪcʐ/

(def.) A health resort for grown-up children with natural health remedies such as air, springs, mud, sacred water, rave and beer.


Kurort is a call back to the wild, a sanctuary for your soul. It is a safe space protected by the ancient wisdom of the trees that stand year after year, through rain, snow, and sunshine. It’s a place to wash away our fears and our old selves in the pure waters of our lake. It’s a place where we can strip off the non-essentials of life and be our true selves, the perfect beings we are born and reborn to be.

In a world filled with chaos, we stand for peace, harmony, and one world that embraces all. We cannot control the future, so let’s do our best to be good to ourselves, to each other, and fully enjoy the present: United we dance.

Welcome to a new year, a new inspiration, and the timeless magic of Garbicz. Welcome back to the place that existed before time itself.
Welcome home. ❤️

Call for Visual Artists, Crews & Performance Artists

The application process for visual artist & crews starts from January 15 on; applications for Food StallsVolunteers will follow soon — as well as reservations for our Garbicz 2024 Tent Village.

Stay tuned for more information & pictures.