31.7. – 5.8.2024

Kurort Garbicz

Music, Arts &
Rave Resort

Music, Arts & Rave Resort

Welcome to Garbicz Festival,

your rave resort to divine and align the holy trinity within yourself. Everything is in place for you and your crew to bend mind, body, and soul. This is your call-back to the wild, your playground for dissociation and reconnection. You are safe here. The trees and our rangers will guide you trough your process with rhythm & sound.

Nocturnal entities beckon kindly, inviting you to meander through the forest and become an aspiring art critic. Get blinded by the lights. If at any point you should become overwhelmed by splendor, you are surrounded by caring places to recover.

Enjoy fine food and wines on the go, or book a table in one of our implausibly good restaurants. Get a melon kick and chunks of funk at Juicy Bar. Slip into the cool velvet waters of the Jezioro after you find true peace in the timeless calm of the tea room’s sauna. Encounter hippies at the fireside or get distracted from the rave with all the other fun activities our resort has to offer.

You’re gonna leave Garbicz Kurort free from desires, happily exhausted back in your own bed and a sudden, new, encompassing world perspective reassures you that this surreal moment was not just fun, it’s a necessity. That’s why we’re alive.

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The ticketing in Garbicz is a modular process. Please find our offers and all our ticket categories available here. Festival Ticket, Wednesday Ticket, Campervans, Parking Tickets…


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Kurort Garbicz is an experience in and with nature. It is very important for us, that all visitors understand, where they arrive. Learn here about  how to behave in Garbicz and how we work. Please help us to protect our most valuable ressource. 

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