Get Involved

Garbicz is a celebration of community, creativity, and sustainability. We rely on the support and collaboration of each individual, weaving together a tapestry of experiences that create our shared experience that can only be described as pure magic. Whether you’re an artist, vendor, or eager to join our crew, we invite you to bring your unique talents and energy to our collective journey.

Food Court

Food! Everyone needs it to survive, even more so if we are going to be dancing all night long. If you are passionate about creating delights that sustain us, sustainable with nature, we would love for you to join us. Any whacky and genius idea is welcome, as long as you have great craftsmanship to offer that doesn’t rely on industrial components.. Less is more – from a banana stand to inventive and exotic culinary delicacies, we want to enhance the Kurort experience and have all of our senses ignited.

If this is your call, send us a pdf with a proposal and we’ll get in touch with you.


This is a call to artists and creators who wish to share their unique crafts, goods, and services. We welcome all of your creativity and inventions and want to highlight the unique and diverse extensions of your beings. Join us now!

Supporters & Ticketjobbers

Collaboration is the synth on which Garbicz is played. Supporters are instrumental to crafting that fantastical atmosphere. This year, we are looking for collaborative and dedicated supporters across all departments for before, during and after. We have many roles: crew catering, cleanup, traffic team, buildup, builddown, etc. Read about what you can expect to receive as reward for your sparkling efforts and apply here:

Eco Squad

Join our Eco Squad at Garbicz Festival, where we champion sustainability and environmental stewardship. As part of this green-hearted team, you’ll play a crucial role in implementing eco-friendly initiatives, promoting recycling, and ensuring our festival minimizes its footprint. Whether you’re passionate about waste management, education, or innovative sustainability solutions, your efforts will help preserve the natural beauty of our festival site and inspire a culture of respect for the environment.

Artist in Residence

We’re launching the Garbicz Artist-in-Residence (AiR) program in July 2024.
We’re creating solutions for how to make festival art more sustainable. This is where creativity becomes our most potent tool for change, inspiring a sustainable, more connected future. We’re seeking four artists up to the task of saving our party and create works for the Garbicz Festival. More info at garbiczair.com

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