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Open Call for Visual and Performance Artists or Crews

Like in previous years, we find it essential to prescribe our guests a decent dose of arts as a remedy to navigate their ways through the mysteries of the forest. Therefore we call for you – the magicians, masters, mavens, doctors, wizzards, witches, curer, Artists.

You or your Crew want to participate in Garbicz Festival?

We are on the lookout for art installations, sculptures, light shows, performance acts, dance extravaganzas, walking wonders, theatre performances, immersive games, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned art collective or an emerging artist, excited to test your work with the festival audience and nature, and whether it’s a polished piece, work in progress, or a concept, please find the Apply button below and fill out the form, as simple as that.

Application Deadline is February 25 2024

Need inspiration? The theme of Garbicz 2024 is Kurort – (def.) A health resort for grown-up children with natural health remedies such as air, springs, mud, sacred water, rave, and beer.

Apply here

Note: This Is Not An Application For DJs & Musicians

Applications for supporters and vendors are coming soon