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How do I join?

Garbicz Festival lives especially from the perception of our shared responsibility for people and nature. We believe that celebrating together not only means to have fun with each other, but to participate in the creation and realization in our festival.

We’re open to applications from everyone who want to be an active part in the process. You believe that the experience of being part in the creation of Garbicz Festival will enrich the life beyond any monetary compensation.

Due to past experience and because our festival aims to continue to exist outside of commercial constraints, we made some changes.  Our volunteer model will compensate those who are willing to donate their time and good energy at the festival grounds.

The compensation for the supporters and volunteers will be in our digital festival currency SZORRYS. You can use this credit to buy food or drinks in our stands during the festival. Furthermore, you will be able to purchase at a discounted rate SZORRYS to top up your credit.

This year, we will have 3 categories based on level of commitment:

Category 1


More Infos about supporters coming April 2020


Category 2


More Infos about volunteers coming April 2020



Category 3


More Infos about ticket jobber coming April 2020



All performing artists will be announced on arrival or when you pick up your festival programme, not before.

Artist Applications:

Dear Artist, please understand it’s very hard to go through every application, feel free to send us your music, but please do not expect a response.

To save you and us precious time please do not send us your application if your art follows the following genres of music as we already have a big network of musicians that play these:

Techno, House, Tech-house and Slow-house, Psy-trance, Trance or Progressive.

But If you are a band, a live act or a DJ that dedicates his work to music slightly off the beaten path, you have more chance that we will listen to it.

If you do live performance, Art installation or you have a highly creative project in mind, we are very happy to receive fresh inspiration from all parts of the world.

Apply here:

ALL SET. We are sorry.


Garbicz festival has a handful of Media crews whom we have worked with before, however if you have something inspiring to offer us and wish to generate an interesting collaboration please contact us at: