We Are

The Lake — The Land — The People

The fields of Garbicz are guarded by ancient entities. Gigantic oaks and birch trees, some over 500 years old, have witnessed the past and are patiently awaiting the future. Their colossal roots spread out like veins, holding the sandy soil while canopies shelter generations to come.

These oaks, the green Gods of nature, were the first we saw here in Poland. We arrived in Garbicz, dragged by an irresistible pull, with an unmistakable feeling that something greater brought us here. They called us and invited us to gather near the village, be welcomed like family and respectfully share what life gives. This we are truly grateful for.

The tree of life is growing where the spirit never dies

Let these trees guide and protect us, let diversity make our community stronger.

Come with us to Garbicz, embrace nature and keep the spirit alive.

The Garbicz Manifesto

Garbicz is a voyage, a treasured playground in a reimagined sense of time, our own crazy paradise, continually evolving. Our multicultural community co-exists in harmony, built to uplift and endure in our own special corner of wilderness.

Our goal is simple yet profound: respect and create with nature. The woods, the grass, the lake and every soul we encounter are intrinsic parts of our journey’s rhythm.

As we immerse ourselves in this beautiful land, every eye-to-eye connection reinforces our mantra: “Alles ist Gut.”

Embracing the “Oops” moments forms the core of our learning and creative process. These instances push us to break old patterns, explore new, heart-centered paths with conviction, and continually refine our craft for the better.

Garbicz is where hedonism meets altruism. By treating ourselves, others, and nature with respect, we indulge in the simplest and purest pleasures life offers: connection, discovery, laughter, creation, contribution, and shared experiences are amongst our cherished treasures.

This synergy of caring and pleasure fuels an atmosphere filled with light and compassion. We strive to educate, promote peace, whilst opposing discrimination, to provide a barrier-free and supportive environment for all.

You are all, of course, welcome to join us.

Here, we are: Garbicz Festival.

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