Garbicz Festival

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July 31 – August 5 2024

As you cross the threshold to this storied ground, you are following in the footsteps of many guests for whom Garbicz Festival and its surroundings have always meant pleasure and recreation. It is here, far from the bustling world in the forest above Lake Wielicko, where we welcome our guests to celebrate friendship and enjoy the arts and music in nature.

Garbicz Festival: a place without fuss, just a little buzz – friendly and relaxed

We want to welcome you all back at our lake, our land, our people. It has been an amazing ten year evolution. Now we are ready for something new. Are you too?


Welcome to

KURORT ˈɡɑɾ.ɓɪcʐ/

(def.) A health resort for grown-up children with natural health remedies such as air, springs, mud, sacred water, rave and beer.


We wish you a marvelous stay on site. 

Alles ist gut, and if it is not please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you.

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