Garbicz Festival 2023

2 – 7 August





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Dear Garbicz Friends and Family,

Tickets are still on sale for the 10th Anniversary of Garbicz Festival and we are very excited with what we have in store for you, so grab your friends and book yourself in for a weekend action packed with swimming, sun, friends, food, music, and magic!

We have sold most of our tickets and the first two tiers are gone, but we still have a few last tickets of our third “Catch me if you can” tier, so make sure you grab them, while you can…

First Bite: €375.00 – SOLD OUT

Early Bird: €395.00 – SOLD OUT

Catch me if you can: €425.00 – SOLD OUT

Late Owl: €465.00

Note: An additional fee of €15 Euro for each ticket will be added by Tickettoaster.

We have been hard at work to make the most out of your ticket, here’s how:

  • Tickets come with Bassliner transport to and from the festival, from both Berlin and also introducing a service from Poznan, our complementary stainless-steel drinking bottles to reduce disposable water bottles, and €80,- of credit for food and drinks to keep our ticket at a competitive price with other festivals.
  • We are also opening more space up to camp this year as well as activating more areas of programming, allowing us more room to spread out while maintaining a similar population. Only tent camping will be allowed on the main site, we have opened two special RV/Caravan/Car camping grounds for this edition of Garbicz: Sunrise Camp and Silent Camp for bigger crews with bigger campsites.
  • This ticket price allows us to get out of debt as well as an increased creative budget for art, music, and programming. There has been a great deal of creative development over the last few years that we are really excited to share with you!
  • It also allows us to allocate more budget to making the festival a greener and more conscious festival, as we believe we owe it to our environment to sustain it, the same way it sustains us. We will share our 2023 concept for this with you in one of our upcoming newsletters.
  • Your ticket allows us recover from a 800.000 euro debt from having to cancel our 2020 and 2021 editions of the festival, making sure the festival gets to live another year!
  • As we believe Garbicz should be open to everyone, we are still opening applications for our supporter programme, which allows people who can’t afford a ticket to still be able to come and be a part of Garbicz this year.


If you arrive by our bus company “Bassliner” from Berlin, and now also introducing a new service from Poznan, you don’t have to worry about anything apart from the border control potentially wanting to see what’s in your pockets. We suggest, relax and drink a beer.


To create more space for us to spread out a bit more, and to create a greener festival, no cars are allowed on site apart from operational crew cars. We have limited amount of parking slots for private cars in the village 500 meters away from the site. Your car is safe for 35€ for the whole festival.

For those wondering how to get there, simply use Google Maps for directions by clicking here



Get Your Ticket



We look forward to exchanging smiles and hugs again on the dancefloor this year!


The Garbicz Team