On Site



No means no

Discrimination of any kind, especially on the basis of gender, sexual orientation or origin has ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE HERE!

Sexual violence does not start with physical abuse or intercourse. Harassment or even unwanted verbal approaches are the beginning. Garbicz Festival has a no tolerance policy for any of these behaviors. Be polite. Be consensual. That’s true loving.

No Confetti!

No Glitter!

No Drug abuse! 

Drug dealers will be expelled from festival site!

No cigarettes butts (you’ll be provided with nice portable ashtray)

Yes, use our toilets!

For nature’s sake…

No Fires!

Do not risk a fire in the woods. No open fires or barbecues.

No Dogs!

No Sound Systems in the camping and parking area!

Yes, drink enough water!

Yes, look after each other.

Yes, ask for help and help others.

No trash, leave your plastic at home!


Nie oznacza nie

Dyskryminacja jakiegokolwiek rodzaju, zwłaszcza ze względu na płeć, orientację seksualną lub pochodzenie, ABSOLUTNIE NIE MA TU MIEJSCA!

Przemoc seksualna nie zaczyna się od przemocy fizycznej lub stosunku płciowego. Początkiem jest nękanie, a nawet niechciane zaczepki słowne. Garbicz Festival nie toleruje żadnego z tych zachowań. Bądź uprzejmy. Bądź miły. To jest prawdziwa miłość.

Obszar ten jest bezpieczną przestrzenią, w której wszystkie istoty i natura mogą współistnieć i swobodnie wyrażać siebie.

Świętuj bez konfetti i brokatu

Zakaz konsumpcji narkotyków! 

Dilerzy zostaną wydaleni z terenu festiwalu!

Niedopałki powinny być w koszu (otrzymasz ładną przenośną popielniczkę)

Tak, korzystajcie z naszych toalet! Tu chodzi o naturę…

Nie igraj z ogniem. Nie ryzykuj pożaru w lesie

Kochamy psy, ale zostawmy je w domu

Mamy świetne nagłośnienie. Nie używaj własnego

Tak, pij wystarczającą ilość wody!

Tak, opiekujcie się sobą nawzajem

Tak, proś o pomoc i pomagaj innym

Nie zostawiaj śmieci, nie przynoś plastiku i sprzątaj swoją przestrzeń

Awareness and Mindful Boundaries

Playing, exploring and discovering – Garbicz is a playground for shaping new narratives of diversity and being together. We encourage you to go fully into a free and self-determined experience.
 We do not tolerate any verbal, physical or psychological, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or any other cross-border or abusive behavior.

Please communicate your boundaries whenever needed and respect yours and of everybody else involved – wherever those boundaries might be at this at this moment.

The base for any honest and intimate meeting is being in consent with oneself and another.

This means:
a no is a no,
a maybe is a no,
only a yes is a yes!

At the Eclipse/ Awareness tent, there will be around the clock soul angels to whom you can talk to and get support if you have experienced a consent violation or noticed any other discriminating behavior.
Let’s create together a new culture of respect and trust and embark on a magical journey to celebrate love and life and diversity together!

Safe & Secure

We are here for you to secure you and your health. We can not secure your belongings. Please do not bring valuables (Computers, Expensive Cameras, Jewelry…) to Garbicz, when you can not store it in a safe place.

We advise you to put your cash money on the RFID Wristband, it is the safest place to store it. You can refund everything in the end again.

We are trying to provide some lockers, but it won’t be sufficient for all of you.


On site the Medics, German and English speaking as well as the Polish ambulance are always present in the land. You can consult them at any time. They’re here to help and care.


The legendary Power Rangers, the good soul of Garbicz.

But who are they ?

The Rangers is a team of Old Revellers who know what to do in good or bad situation. They are here to help yourself when you can not help yourself until you can help yourself again.

They are animators, informants, guides, eye catchers, helpers, human beings, catalyzers, protectors or heat sources. They are the ears of the festival when you wish to understand, ask or just have a friendly face with whom you can share your feeling.

They’re easy to spot – their colors are yellow, white, blue and pink Sweet little confused fairies don’t need to fear them … they’ve got light, electrolytes, body heat and lots and lots of Love.


…is an association of fellow party goers, music enthusiasts, friends, peers and those inclined to help where help is needed to ensure our beloved festival remains an open and safe space for everybody to live out their dreams of freedom in (nearly) all ways imaginable.

Waiting in a dim, sleepy “cave” to retreat to in case the festivals lights and sounds overwhelm your senses for a moment or two, they invite you to visit them in their beautiful Moroccan wedding tent right across from the information point sitting between Wiese floor and the main food-court. Fitted with calming décor and mattresses it’s a place to calm down and recharge with a soothing hot chai tea, some nuts and fruit or just a chat with some friendly faces outside all the party frenzy.