Festival Currency


An electronic wristband (RFID) with saved credit will replace paper vouchers for environmental reasons, convenience and efficiency.

Bars and food stands will be equipped with RFID scanners and at our SZORRY Top-up Stations you can top-up money to your wristband.

Why SZORRYS?  Because we are sorry that we must use a currency, life is hard and capitalism even more so.

Top -ups

Top-ups are quick and easy by Cash (Euro, Zloty) or Credit & Debit Cards either at our top-up stations or easily by scanning the QR code on your wristband.  Credit will automatically go straight to your wristband.

Please keep your receipt when topping up – you will need it in order to get your refund on fielt.

In addition, we offer a ‘Monster Card’ top-up option. This way, you can all share one card with your partying group.


100€ credit option

We offer you a 100€ credit option. This means, when finalizing your ticket download, you will be asked for either your bank or credit card details. NO MONEY WILL BE BLOCKED OR CHARGED initially.  Only if you consume, the amount will be charged to your given payment method.


Important notice: Cash refunds are only possible with SZORRYS you have topped up additionally. Please keep your receipt when topping up – you will need it in order to get your refund on fielt.

The amount of €80 included in the festival price is charged to your electronic wristband from the outset and this cannot be refunded.

The electronic wristbands will have your name, credentials and email address assigned, this will enable you to choose a refund option online after the festival.

If you prefer to be anonymous then only refund on site is possible.

You’ll find refund spots near to the main exit and info-point – here you can exchange your leftover SZORRYS to EURO or choose from options. (from saturday till Monday 12:00)

Refund options:

A – Full refund (admin fee 8Euro)

B – Support the village and local charity work

C – Support the festival

Reminder, if you choose to NOT have your name and email address on your wristband you won’t be able to choose refund option online after the event.

How to refund.

The refund process will be available shortly after the festival:

You need to enter both your Card-Number (the long one on the back of the card)  and the PIN (the short one). Additionally, you need to provide either your IBAN (EU bank account number) or your paypal email address.

If you have one of the rare completely blank card, you need to send the card via post and provide the above data.

Can I give tip? 

Yes — certainly a tip is not included but very welcome — but only in cash, so bring some coins for our bar crew. 😉

Deposit — how does this work?

All our glasses and bottles have deposit on it. Deposit is only refundable, if it was paid by Szorrys you purchased on the festival site. Deposits which were purchased with your pre-loaded Szorrys are not refundable – however, they can be used for any purchases. 

How anonymous is this system? 

We do not want to save your data. This is why your information is not connected to your chip on the wristband. 

Please note: If you pay by debit- or credit card your data is transferred — this means you are no longer anonymous.

Generally you are not trackable on the festival site — but this means your Szorrys can only be refunded on fielt. If you decide not to be anonymous you have the possibility to get refunded later. 

We will NOT sell your data in any case!