• Garbicz Festival will make every effort that it sees necessary to ensure the safety of our guests.
  • Garbicz Festival will follow all COVID rules and regulations passed by Polish Law.
  • Festival guests have to take into account that it might be mandatory to show a valid vaccination certificate to enter the event.
  • Refunds will not be granted to ticket holders who do not comply to rules and regulations enforced by Polish law at the time

Application for Volunteering / Food / Act

How can I apply?

→ You will have the opportunity to download a form from our Website, to apply for any chosen field of interest.  

Application deadline?

→ You may submit your application until the endof  April by using the link that will come in the next days.


When do I receive the confirmation/rejection?

→ Please be patient until end of June/beginning of July. We receive many applications and we need some time to process them all.

Already purchased tickets but want to volunteer?

→ If you will be accepted as a volunteer, you can independently resell the tickets you’ve purchased.


Existing Login-details

Why can’t I login on my old account anymore?

→ Are you sure, this was the e-mail address you used last year? If yes, and it still does not work, please reset your password. If this does not work as well, please get in contact with: hallo@tickettoaster.de


Where do I find the “Bassliner”-Code?

→ The voucher codes for booking the bus shuttle will be provided a few weeks before the festival starts in your order overview of your ticket account.

For inquiries regarding the bus shuttle – in particular re-booking or cancellations please contact buero@bassliner.org

Bassliner schedule

→ The shuttles depart on Thursday from 8:00 a.m. until almost 10:00 p.m. (approx. every 15-30 minutes). For our “latecomers” there will still be some ride opportunities on Friday.

You will find a detailed timetable in May 2019 at:


Return trips to Berlin start on Sunday at the same time and the last bus goes Monday afternoon.


ReSelling a ticket

May I resell my ticket, if I cannot attend the festival?

→ If you have bought a ticket, and unfortunately cannot attend the festival, you have two options. 

i. You can either make a cancellation and let the ticket go back into the ticket pool.

ii. Or you can resell the ticket to THE SAME PRICE as bought. Please note that right now we do not have any capacities to take care of your money transfer when reselling a ticket. See Ticket transfer/ cancellation for this case.

We DO NOT approve people reselling their tickets for a higher price as our sales prices. If we get aware of someone doing this (and we can do so by name, ticket number or other hints), we will cancel the whole ticket account.

Ticket transfer/cancellation

How much time do I have to transfer a ticket to someone else?

→ You can transfer tickets in your account. The original account owner will receive a transfer notice by email, which must be confirmed to finalize the transfer.

In order to transfer tickets, please contact: hallo@tickettoaster.de

If you still want to sell your ticket after 11.07.2019, please write an authorization letter for the purchaser.

May I cancel my ticket purchase?

→ If you cannot attend the festival for personal reasons, you have the possibility to cancel your ticket 5 days after receipt of payment, but not later than 4 days before the event starts.  You will get the amount back minus a fee of 8 Euro. After that a cancellation is no longer possible. But you can still individually sell your ticket.  Please contact us in order to transfer the account to another person.



Where will I sleep?

→ Please bring your own tent.

If you have a caravan, camper or trailer, you need an additional bus camping ticket (silent 100 Euro, festival site 150 Euro).

Electricity and showers:

Where can I shower? Are there lavatories?

→ You have access to showers and toilets on the camping site.

Can I charge my phone?

→ Plugs are available at the charging stations at our info points.

Can I bring my widescreen tv and install it in the tent?

→ Sorry, there is no electricity on the camping site.


Food and beverages

How and where will I eat and drink?

→ You have a credit of 80 € for food and drinks, which is loaded on your RFID chip on site, so you can feast and relax right after your arrival. We serve international cuisine and Polish classics as well as a wide selection of drinks. It is worth trying our delicious and multicultural food stands.

May I bring own drinks and food?

→ In the surrounding area you have the possibility to buy your own food and drinks, and you may also bring it from home. Barbecues are not allowed! Do not leave any rubbish after the festival.

Drinking water?

→ Our tap water is drinkable, please bring recyclable bottles with you so that you can fill them up on the premises.



What is rfid?

For the second year, an electronic wristband (RFID) with saved credit will replace paper vouchers for environmental reasons, convenience and efficiency.

Bars and food stands will be equipped with RFID scanners and at our SZORRY Top-up Stations.

How does this work?

→ Top-ups are quick and easy by Cash (Euro, Zloty) or Credit & Debit Cards.  Credit will automatically go straight to your wristband.

In addition, we offer a ‘Monster Card’ top-up option. This way, you can all share one card with your partying group.

Can I tip at the bars or food stalls?

→ Tipping is easy, you can tip the amount on the RFID screen yourself and then your choice will ask for confirmation.

Service is not included so tips are very welcome. 

Will I get my remaining SZORRYS back after the festival?

→ Cash refunds are only possible with SZORRYS you have topped up additionally.

The amount of €80 included in the festival price is charged to your electronic wristband from the outset and cannot be refunded.

If the  electronic wristbands  have your name, credentials and email address assigned, this will enable you to choose a refund option online after the festival.

If you prefer to be anonymous then only refund on site is possible.

You’ll find refund spots near to the main exit and info-point – here you can exchange your leftover SZORRYS to EURO or choose from options. (from saturday till Monday 12:00)

Refund options:

A – Full refund (admin fee 8 EURO)

B – Support the village and local charity work

C – Support the festival  

Reminder, if you choose to NOT have your name and email address on your wristband you won’t be able to choose refund option online after the event.

How to refund?

The refund process will be available soon.


Lost something?

If you’ve lost – beside your mind – something on the festival fielt please write an e-mail to:


When lost your mind (and for thank yous) to:


More question?

If you still have other question, feel free to contact us here:


More information?