How to refund?

Will I get my remaining SZORRYS back after the festival?

Refunds (of all top ups) are now available on: https://gf22.bon.link/

You need the wristband number (long alphanumeric on the back of the wristbands chip) as well as the wristband pin (short five digit number on the back of the wristbands chip). Just enter both and add your banking details and the money will be with you shortly. Please remember, that the 80€ which were included in the ticket are NON refundable.

For all Top up or refund related questions, please write directly to Tickettoaster – hallo@tickettoaster.de


We would like to operate as safely as possible, without enforcing any rules.

We kindly ask you, to→ Use commen sense: if you don’t feel well, stay at home.

→ Please take a (self) test before you come to the Garbicz grounds

→ Tip for our Berliners: It is still for free to do a Bürgertest in the city

→ If you really need to test before entering the site, we will have a few selftests at the entrance, but only for emergency cases (like a sudden fever, illness or no option to test before coming)

→ When you feel sick on site, let us know at the info point, and will test you on site

→ When you are tested positive on site, please wear a mask at all times, stay at a distance and stay in your tent/camping area and let others bring you food and drinks. Of course leaving the site is always an option.

Application for Supporting / Food / Act

How can I apply?

→ You will have the opportunity to download a form from our Website, to apply for any chosen field of interest.  

Application deadline?

→ You may submit your application until the end of April by using the link that will come in the next days.

When do I receive the confirmation/rejection?

→ Please be patient until end of June/beginning of July. We receive many applications and we need some time to process them all.

Already purchased tickets but want to support?

→ If you will be accepted as a supporter, you can independently resell the tickets you’ve purchased.

Existing Login-details

Why can’t I login on my old account anymore?

→ Are you sure, this was the e-mail address you used last year? If yes, and it still does not work, please reset your password. If this does not work as well, please get in contact with: hallo@tickettoaster.de

How To Get To Garbicz

Is the best, please check info below.

→ We encourage everybody to leave their car at home as there will be no car access to the festival site. Cars can be parked in the village for a fee of €35.- IN CASH to the locals.

→ Vehicles already on site without visible registration (car sticker) will be removed for a charge on your costs from the grounds and sent to the village by the Traffic Crew. 

→ If you come with your camper you need a camperticket. You really can’t park your camper anywhere around Garbicz Festival without that special ticket. You can register your camper at this check-in to receive the special sticker.

→ The max length of your mobile home can’t be more than 6 meters.

→ The closest train station is Rzepin.

→ If you take a Regionalbahn (Not the EC) you can even use the 9 Euro Ticket.

→ From there you have to arrange a taxi. It’s another 10 km to Garbicz.


Where do I find the “Bassliner”-Code?

→ The voucher codes for booking the bus shuttle will be provided by mail a few weeks before the festival starts in your order overview of your ticket account (check your spam too).

→ You can book the bus via their website (here) with your unique code. If you didn’t get any mailing to get your personal code for some reason, please write to hallo@tickettoaster.de. Always send the order number starting with “GBF” with your request.

→ For inquiries regarding the bus shuttle – in particular re-booking or cancellations please contact buero@bassliner.org

Bassliner schedule
→ The shuttles depart on Thursday from 8:00 a.m. until almost 10:00 p.m. (approx. every 15-30 minutes). For our “latecomers” there will still be some ride opportunities on Friday.

→ You will find a detailed timetable at: www.bassliner.org

→ Return trips to Berlin start on Sunday at the same time and the last bus goes Monday afternoon.

→ Important Note: In case you book the bassliner on Wednesday,  you have to have the extra Wednesday ticket for the festival entrance (50€) – 1 day earlier. If you did not get a link for this, please write directly (with your order number, starting with “GBF”) to hallo@tickettoaster.de.

→ To take the bus, be at least 15 minutes at the bus station before the bus leaves.

→ It doesn’t wait for you.

This is the email for all Bassliner issues: buero@bassliner.org


Where will I sleep?

→ You can pitch up your tent only in the special areas which you will see on the map. 

→ If your tent is somewhere else, it will be removed.

→ If you have a choice, please go for a small and cosy tent home. So we all have enough space to live. Sound systems are something we build, please leave yours at home.

If you feel like staying in a hotel near Garbicz here a few options:
Zajad Chrobry
Motel Marco
U Sosny
U Olka

Tent hotel
→ All the tent hotels we offer are sold out! Sorry, do bring your own and bring it back home! Re-use your precious home. Or give it away. Just leaving it at Garbicz is disrespectful. Don’t let anybody clean up your own mess. 

→ If you have a caravan, camper or trailer, you need an additional bus camping ticket (silent 100 Euro, festival site 150 Euro). Check more info above: ‘How do I get to Garbicz’.

Food and beverages

How and where will I eat and drink?

→ You have a credit of 80 € for food and drinks, which is loaded on your RFID chip on site, so you can feast and relax right after your arrival. We serve international cuisine and Polish classics as well as a wide selection of drinks. It is worth trying our delicious and multicultural food stands.

May I bring own drinks and food?

→ In the surrounding area you have the possibility to buy your own food and drinks, and you may also bring it from home. Barbecues are not allowed! Do not leave any rubbish after the festival.

Drinking water?

→ Our tap water is drinkable, please bring recyclable bottles with you so that you can fill them up on the premises.


What is rfid?

For the second year, an electronic wristband (RFID) with saved credit will replace paper vouchers for environmental reasons, convenience and efficiency.

Bars and food stands will be equipped with RFID scanners and at our SZORRY Top-up Stations.

How does this work?

→ Top-ups are quick and easy by Cash (Euro, Zloty) or Credit & Debit Cards.  Credit will automatically go straight to your wristband.

In addition, we offer a ‘Monster Card’ top-up option. This way, you can all share one card with your partying group.

Can I tip at the bars or food stalls?

→ Tipping is easy, you can tip the amount on the RFID screen yourself and then your choice will ask for confirmation.

Service is not included so tips are very welcome. 

Top up App

This year we have a super easy top up option: The Ticket Toaster App!
→ Avoid the queue and just top up (and refund!) your RFID Chip through the app. 

→ Simply download the app with your smartphone. The payment will go via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay. Your wristband will update automatically with the next payment.
→ Should your wristband not update automatically after you use the app to add to your balance, you can always scan & update it at the infopoint. Please really make sure that this is always the case to make sure the top up went through. There are also self scanners, where you can check if the balance was updated.

→ With this link (https://toaster.link/app) you can download the app from now on, so it´ll be ready to use on your phone when you need it.


Lost something?

If you’ve lost – beside your mind – something on the festival fielt please write an e-mail to:


When lost your mind (and for thank yous) to:


More information?

If you still want to have other informations, feel free to contact us here: