Journeying to Garbicz with ease.

Keep this information handy to ensure a seamless arrival and departure. There are a few rules and guidelines to observe during your visit, so let’s get you prepared.

When to arrive

Wednesday Ticket: Be our first guests from 10am till midnight! Get an early head start and make the most of every moment.

Regular Tickets: Join us from Thursday, 10am, as the excitement reaches new heights.

Sunday Ticket: Witness the Grand Finale from 10am on Sunday.

Starting Thursday from 10am, our accreditation is open 24/7 until Sunday, 4pm. No matter when you arrive, we’ll be ready to welcome you.

Travel by Bassliner Bus

Choose our trusted travel partner, “Bassliner”, for an enriched festival experience. With each ticket, you’ll get a round trip to the festival from Berlin or Poznań, a credit worth 80 Euros for food and drink, and our signature Garbicz stainless steel water bottle. Your only concern? A potential border control check. But we’ve got you covered – sit back, relax, and maybe even enjoy a beer!

Arrival by Camper Van

Pass through the village of Garbicz to our accreditation point to receive your reserved Camper Sticker, a must-have to enter the festival grounds. The sticker is exclusively for the vehicle you’ll be sleeping in; vehicles delivering wagons must return to our parking lot after unloading.

This year, we’ve restricted RV camping in the main camping grounds but opened three new dedicated areas for RV/Caravan/Car camping – Sunrise Camp, Silent Camp, and the new Village Camp RV.

At Sunrise Camp, secure a 12×6 meter space for your crew’s RVs, Caravans, Cars, and any tent-dwelling friends for a package deal of €450. SOLD OUT!

Silent Camp offers a slightly smaller 8×4 metre space for the same set-up at €300. SOLD OUT!

The new Village Camp RV provides extra parking spots at the village site for €200, but note that space for a tent might not be available. This site accommodates a maximum of 4 people in a small tent.

Arrival by Car

Only operational crew cars are allowed on site.
For just 25€, we offer secure parking for private cars near the accreditation area in the village. Don’t worry, there is plenty of parking.

Arrival by Train

Train travelers can head to Frankfurt Oder in Germany and split a max. 60 euro taxi fare with other festival-goers, or arrive at the Polish Rzepin station and hail a taxi to the site for just 20 Euros.

Airports & Transfers

For those flying in, the nearest airports are Berlin Schönefeld and Berlin Tegel. If you’ve booked a Bassliner post your flight, meet us at the S-Bahn station Ostbahnhof.