We Are

The lake — The land — The people

The fields of Garbicz are guarded by ancient entities. Gigantic oaks and birch trees, some over 500 years old, have witnessed the past and are patiently awaiting the future. Their colossal roots spread out like veins, holding the sandy soil while canopies shelter generations to come.
Surrounding a clear lake formed by a Polish glacier, countless species of trees thrive here. Young and old, together they grow strong while their diversity is the key to a healthy community.

These oaks, the green Gods of nature, were the first we saw here in Poland. We arrived in Garbicz, dragged by an irresistible pull, with an unmistakable feeling that something greater brought us here. They called us and invited us to gather near the village, be welcomed like family and respectfully share what life gives. This we are truly grateful for.

The tree of life is growing where the spirit never dies

Let these trees guide and protect us, let diversity make our community stronger. Come with us to Garbicz, embrace nature and keep the spirit alive.

We are

A group of individuals from diverse backgrounds, who found each other. Together with Lake Wielkie, Bachstelzen and the Holzmarkt we are a group of dreamers and providers.

We always wanted to create a land of dreams in a crazy paradise with a wholly unique crew that could grasp the vision.

A group who creates a place where different cultures and personalities can come together to enjoy the beauty of life, particularly its nature, in a place where majestic trees watch out over a crystal clear lake to form the ultimate playground.

We invite you to be a part in this experience; to enjoy an alternative world, to celebrate the moment and this of course is without any preconception.


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