This Will Also Change

This will also change

Whatever is

will also change

We do not know what we do and who we are, but we try to anyway.
We dreamt of a place where we could willingly waste our time
The rest is a trip to reconnect again
On the road, on the land, everything is simple, everything is fine

Alles ist Gut

Driven by passion and conviction, We are heart centered

Alles ist Gut

Unlike the patterns we hate to stick to or the sponsors we just forget,
we experience other ways to create the best of what we get.

Are the only rules we follow

Alles für Alle bis alles alle ist

All of the finest for everyone until everything is finished.

Everything for everyone and everyone for everything.

We call upon your awareness away from your ego to think about how to create space.
You’re an actor and a creator of the energy we make
Stay home if you don’t want to share.

Hedonism leads to Altruism.
Treat yourself and nature with respect.

Nothing to expect, but the simple pleasures of life at their finest

If I feel really good, I want others around me to feel the same

Where decadence meets benevolence and makes love

You are welcome to join and be part of us.