Share your beloved books!

“If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ’em!”  John Waters


Fellow readers, writers and not only!

We ask you to share
a piece of literature
that you may have befriended
that inspired you
touched you
or someone commended.

So bring your favourite book
drop it and/or swap it
on our magic forrest book shelves
guarded by Garbicz elves.

Make sure its not brand new
as we are sure you know our view
let it be second hand
with creases and tear drop stains
underlined words that
show valuable lessons or reflections
and map our common connections.

Leave a note or a quote
inside this book
to let the next owner
get to know you.

You can be romantic or frantic
mysterious or serious
obvious or as subtle
as a thin pencil line________________ .


1. Bring a piece of literature to Garbicz that inspired/touched/educated you.
2. Make sure it is second hand – yours or given to you by someone.
3. Leave a note/quote/message in the book for the next owner.
4. Drop it and/or swap it at the Book Shelves scattered around the festival site.