Our fellow forest dancers,

time to look forward to the future!

Mark your agenda’s please, as from 4-8 August 2022, we do what we do best.

Yes, we’re back with a full on festival edition of Garbicz. Like every edition, on the first weekend of August.

We are gathering the troops and we strongly advise you to do the same.


Prices for Garbicz Festival 2022

Early Bird – Euro 310

Catch me if you can – Euro 330

Late owl – Euro 350

* +pre-sales fee (9€)

The prices are a bit higher as our land needs a lot of work, food got more expensive and inflation is doing its job in Poland and Germany.

Included in the ticket, as always:

– Bus Berlin – Garbicz & Garbicz – Berlin, with Bassliner (28€)

– 80 Euros worth of Szorrys


Are you a golden ticket holder from 2019?

You can choose three options:

– Transfer your ticket to 2022 (price stays the same — thank you for staying with us!)

– Receive a refund (please be quick with this!)

– Donate your ticket to Garbicz Festival

You will receive an email from Ticket Toaster with a personal link to choose your option.

If you have any questions about your ticket, your options or your personal link, please contact Ticket Toaster directly via:


We really can’t wait to have you all back at our nature disco!