NO, there is NO FESTIVAL in 2021.


Ticket holders of festival tickets of 2019 = 2020, all received an email about their tickets. They will automatically be transferred to 2022.

If you would prefer a refund please be in touch with Ticket Toaster via e-mail:


SO, what do we do this summer?!

The basics:

  • The Camp Gathering: Just pure chill in nature, no sound system, lake dipping, new camp friends, fine workshops, good wine and excellent pizza. Two days minimum, five days max.
  • Open Air Weekender: Solid sound system for one day on one dance floor. Arrive Friday for a cosy eve, dance Saturday during the day, chill and leave on Sunday.

The ticket sale has started and we’re aiming for a small yet unforgettable gathering…. Don’t wait out if you’re sure. 


The explanation:

The Garbicz Camp Gathering

Time to leave the city buzz and find nature’s bliss.

Isn’t our lake one of the most beautiful lakes? So dear camp lovers, take your chance to dip and zip up in our fairy-tale forest with the best neighbours ever. Trust us. Garbor a.k.a. Garby will be watching over you.

Book a minimum stay of two and a maximum of five nights (for one session), including one fine fresh pizza and a bottle of good wine.
Add some extra relaxation on top: sauna, yoga, massages, workshops, pop-up dinner, you name it.  

Don’t forget to book an extra ticket for your camper. Or book the Tent Hotel: a sweet tent home prepared for you (bed, blankets, the whole shebang). 


Camp Ground Meeting points

The Kiosk at BUK corner will be serving cold beers, ice cream and snacks. It is also the place to charge your phone, and buy tobacco and other small necessities. 

Upon arrival you will receive a voucher for your pizza and bottle of wine, which both can be collected at the Pizza Place. Which will always be open on Saturday and/or Sunday. Maybe more days depending on how many people are staying. 



You can book your Garbicz campground from Thursday till Tuesday during the following periods:

9-14 June // 1-6 July // 7–12 July // 29 July–3 Aug // 4–9 Aug // 26 Aug –31 Aug // 1–6 Sept

On Wednesday we sweep the area clean due to Covid regulations. 

Camping tickets here

In our ticket shop you can book your stay. It works as follows:

You start with booking a mandatory stay of two nights, this includes a pizza and bottle of wine = 60 Euro p.p.

Top op with extra nights = 15 Euros a night p.p. (Kids under 14 are free)

  • Add your camper ticket if you come with your camper or caravan
  • Add any fun top options (i.e. Yoga, Sauna, Massage, Workshop) 

Note: Dogs are not allowed


Open Air Weekender

‘We lost dancing.’ Time to make a move.

Friday arrival: Book a pop-up dinner show and/or outdoor cinema/ or just chill and prepare for the next morning…

Saturday day dance: From 10-22 hours, we do what we do best, we all dance on the same forest dance floor to our golden most renowned Garbicz artists. 

Sunday chill: Dip, cure, enjoy some laidback shows, cheers to cold beers, good food, pack and go, with a huge smile preferably. 

Open-Air tickets here

Ticket includes

  • Vouchers for a pizza and two drinks of your choice
  • Two nights of camping
  • A full day of music delight and additional surprising program
  • Return Bassliner Bus: Berlin – Garbicz, Garbicz – Berlin



Weekender 1 Ravers Reboot: 18 – 20 June (138,- early bird/ 148,- regular)

Weekender 2 Midsummer Mass: 25 – 27 June (138,- early bird/ 148,- regular)

Weekender 3 Garby & Garbor’s Gathering: 16 – 18 July (158,- early bird/ 168,- regular)

Weekender 4 Lake Landing: 23- 25 July (158,- early bird/ 168,- regular)

Weekender 5 Freak Fest: 13- 15 August (178,- early bird/ 188,- regular) return covid test included

10:00 Elli (Giegling)
12:00  Mimi Love
14:00 Leafar Legov live
15:00 Dan Andrei
17:00 Molly
19:00 Map.ache live
20:00 – 22:00 Robag Wruhme

plus one more surprise gadget and sure, our beloved Wohnzimmersound

Weekender 6 Desisdance: 20 – 22 August (178,- early bird/ 188,- regular) return covid test included

(non chronological order)
Sedef Adasi
Margaret Dygas
Fritz Windish
Dj Koze
Roman Flügel

plus our beloved Wohnzimmersound



The Garbicz Camp Gathering


Can I bring my own food & drinks?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks (just for the Camp Gathering, not for the Weekenders). Also you can buy lovely pizza at our pizza hut, and the Kiosk at BUK corner will open for a daily meal, snacks and fresh drinks.


Do I have to leave on Wednesday if I booked two camping sessions? 

Yes unfortunately you do. Get covid out of our way. 


What’s the deal with workshops, yoga, sauna and massages?

We strongly advise you to book in advance, but if you want to take your chances you can also book on site but no guarantee there’s a spot left. 


Can we bring our dog or any other pets?

Nope, time to cuddle with your human camp buddies


How do we deal with trash?

Throughout the site there are bins to separate your trash, please put the items in the correct bin. 

So don’t dump any big trash bags anywhere, be so nice for nature to divide and conquer 🙂 


Is there electricity available for campers?

Not at the moment. We might be able to provide it later during the summer. 

There will be phone/ computer charging stations at the BUK corner Kiosk and at Lichtung. 


Is WIFI available?

Although this might be your chance for an offline holiday, we can offer you WIFI. 


Can we park our camper next to a tent?

Yes, you may mix and match your sleeping arrangements, as they will be on the same field. 


Are there any mosquitos?
What’s a forest without mosquitos? Yes, our itchy friends are doing their very best. Get the spray in gear in time.
But do keep in mind to keep the lake clean, so if you’ve just sprayed against sun or mozzies, shower it off first before jumping in!


Open Air Weekender

I come with my car/camper, do I have to pay the same ticket price?

Yes, you do. Not much parking for cars, so just park it in Berlin, and let us care about the rest of the trip. Best way to make new friends is on the bus, for old or new time sake.

How do I book the Bassliner bus?

In your ticket you received is a code to book the Bassliner bus via this site:
Please make sure to book both ways in one booking with one code. 
Important: be at the bus no later than 30 minutes before its departure. For all the ticket & test checks we need some time and we also want to leave on time.

Can I take food and drinks with me?

Nope sorry,  you can’t take your own food and drinks during these weekenders. We have to live off something. There’s plenty of lovely food to choose from. Like pizza, buk corner kiosk, breakfast bar and various food stalls. Take your pick or pick them all.


Why does the price go up for the weekenders?

As we will have more time preparing beautiful things, we will build on the experience throughout the summer. That doesn’t mean that the kick off won’t be a blast, on the contrary… 


Can we bring our kids?

Kids are welcome and have free entrance till 16. Nevertheless this is still a dance event.
Please don’t leave them unattended at all times, the forest is too big. If you feel like a true family camp, it’s better to join our Camping Gatherings. For more info check:

Are there any mosquitos?

What’s a forest without mosquitos? Yes, our itchy friends are doing their very best. Get the spray in gear in time.
But do keep in mind to keep the lake clean, so if you’ve just sprayed against sun or mozzies, shower it off first before jumping in!


Can I see a line-up for each weekend?

Yes, we are shaping the weekends as we go and working on a big variety music wise. We will release the line-ups one by one. On the other hand, just put your music trust in us and the rest will follow. 


How does it work with vouchers?

Included in your ticket is already a voucher for pizza and two drinks.  

Besides that, your RFID wristband has a credit of 100 Euros, so that you don’t have to start off by loading it yourself.  Spend what you want on food and drinks, and only afterwards it will be charged to the card you used to pay for your ticket. If you need more than 100 Euros you can of course top up your wristband on site.


Do you have vouchers left after the weekend? Ask for a refund via Painless. 

No nudity?

As much as we understand that you want to jump in the lake naked, we really ask you not to. It’s forbidden by Polish law and we get complaints from our neighbors if they see naked people. No joke. So for our sake, keep some garment on and tell others if you see a bum passing by. Thanks!

What time do I have to leave?

All good things come to an end.
On Sunday you have to leave the area the latest at 21.00 hours.
The last bus leaves at 21:00, make sure you have it pre-booked so you are not stranded on site.


What’s the deaaal? 

All of this is only possible if we can ensure everyone’s safety on site. Therefore it’s important that you respect our covid plan which you will receive with your ticket.

The situation at the German – Polish border is constantly changing, we suggest you stay up to date. It has already been announced that restrictions will be released in the coming weeks.

The message from the Polish government: the more people who are vaccinated twice, the more people we can allow in. Just bear it in mind for the coming months…

What do we all do: we get tested. Otherwise no entrance. But we guessed you figured this one out 🙂
The procedure:
⧽ Get tested in Berlin for free at one of the certified covidcentra
⧽ You have your result in 20 minutes
⧽ Your test can’t be older than 24 hours before you get in the bus
⧽ If you go with your own transport than the test can’t be older than 24 hours before arriving at Garbicz
⧽ The QR-code you get with your test result is necessary for your wristband you’ll receive at the entrance
⧽ If you’re traveling from some other unknown destiny than Berlin, get tested here at our gates for 10 Euros. This is only for people who come with there own transport, if you go with the Bassliner Bus we need to know your result before you step in, as you can imagine.
⧽ If you are vaccinated, you still have to get tested. 
⧽ If you had Covid, you still have to get tested
⧽ Every single person on the area is tested or vaccinated, bear in mind that according to the official rules you have to wear a mask and keep some distance. In any case, bring your mask and carry it with you at all times.


What about testing?


Entrance to the camping is only possible with:

  • Proof of full vaccination
  • Certified negative schnelltest
  • Certified negative PCR test

Open Air Weekends:

  • If you come via Bus we will give you different spots in Berlin, where you need to take a certified schnelltest before coming to the bus. Entrance only after a negative test result. 
  • If you come on your own please bring either  a certified schnelltest from one of the given addresses or one will be taken before entering the site.


  • Update:
    You know how to get into Garbicz, but to go back to Germany you need another test. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. When you leave you can take the test here at the gate or at a designated bus stop and we’ll give you a document with the result so you can travel in peace to where ever the winds takes you. All included in your ticket. Party on we say!


Here are the addresses of our test centers in Berlin: