This is just a friendly reminder to your mind.We invite you to prepare yourself for Garbicz Festival and arrive with an open mindset.

Festivals are created for having fun, for letting go and to escape urbanity. To express yourself in different new ways and to indulge in nature and its gifts of great food and drinks. Important is, that all this happens in a conscious way.

Coming to Garbicz means also coming for a process. It is different and follows our approach why we are doing this festival for all of us. Festivals like ours have a peace keeping impact, together we are doing a social service, bringing people together in an intimate sacred ground from all over the world to get and stay in touch and hopefully to cocreate in the future.

We ask you first to not bring your all day problems on site. It is about letting go before you arrive. Let go of work, your stress, your relationships, your habits, your patterns, your macho, your ego. But please feel free to bring your fears, your doubts, your struggles, your sorrows. They are very welcome here. They can be transformed together with us, your friends and the nature. This is why we invite you to our grounds.

Please come with an open heart, step out of your isolation, leave your image behind you. Surrender to the process of letting go. We trigger impulses, reforming reality, raising frequencies. If you are open you can resonate with it to its fullest. Bring back the energy from this gathering and integrate it into your life, to stay calm, to stay present and centered. Take the spirit with you to be prepared for darker days and share it with your friends and family that need you.