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Tickets for Garbicz Festival 2024

Tickets presale for the festival has started on November 11 2023. All festival attendance and car / camper van tickets, as well as optional add-ons, are available through our ticketing service provider Hoeme in our Garbicz Festival Ticket Sales Shop.

You can read more about our different available Ticket Types on the Tickets for Garbicz Festival 2024 info site.

Ticket Swap

If you can’t come, you can resell your tickets – and make somebody else enormously happy with it. You can click here to visit our official resell page on Ticketswap.

Please note that we cannot guarantee entrance with tickets that are sold or bought on other reselling platforms or other third parties..


Where will I sleep?
You can pitch up your tent only in the designated areas on the festival site and village camp.
If your tent is somewhere else, it will be removed.

If you have a choice, please go for a small and cosy tent home — like this we all have enough space to live. Sound systems are something we build, please leave yours at home.

Rent A Tent

Coming from far and can’t bring your own tent equipment?
Instead of buying one-time stuff, we have a sustainable option for you to rent a tent.
 Pre-set up and decorated bell tents, coming with all you need to have a super comfy stay at Garbicz.
If you are interested in booking a tent in our camps, please send an email to:

Note: you can only book a tent, if you have a ticket booking code.

Campervans & Cars

Because we want to have a cleaner and greener festival and make more space for everyone, we are only allowing tent camping in the main camping grounds. But fear not, for those of you wanting to bring something a little fancier, we still have you covered. Sunrise Camp, on the other site of the lake opposite the festival site, Silent Camp, directly outside of the festival before the unicorn gates, Village Camp, directly at the other lake in Garbicz village, and our village Car Park for secured parking only.

Cars, campers and caravans must possess a special ticket for the respective zone. Here is all the information you need about the campings and the prices. Upon arrival, collect your Camper Vehicle Pass from our accreditation point in the village of Garbicz. Trust in our skilled traffic team and follow their instructions for a hassle-free experience.

You can find out more about our different options for motorized vehicles at our Tickets for Garbicz Festival 2024 info site.

No Photo Policy

We value the power of being present and living in the moment. That’s why we kindly request you to keep your cameras and phones tucked away while you’re on the dance floor. It is prohibited.

You can find more on our info-site about Garbicz Festival’s No-Photo Policy

How To Get To Garbicz

If you’re arriving on one of our “Bassliner” busses from Berlin or Poznań, your journey is worry-free. Just be prepared for potential border control checks and enjoy a relaxing ride with a drink in hand.

Pass through Garbicz village for accreditation and receive your Camper Sticker, granting access to the festival site. Each sleeping vehicle requires one sticker; cars delivering wagons must park in our designated lot.

Private cars aren’t allowed on-site, except for operational crew vehicles. Limited parking slots are available 500 meters from the site for 80€ throughout the festival.

Take a train to Frankfurt Oder in Germany, where you can share a taxi to the festival for a maximum of 60 euros. Alternatively, arrive at the Polish train station in Rzepin and catch a 20-euro taxi to the site.

If you’re flying in, Berlin Schönefeld is the nearest airport. For Bassliner passengers arriving by plane, the meeting point is at S-Bahn station Ostbahnhof. If you’re landing in Poland, Poznan Airport is the closest, located 149 km away (approximately 1:30 hours by car), but you’ll need to arrange your own transportation from there.

Treatments and Supplies – How and where will I eat and drink?

You should pre-top up your wristband with an amount of Euros of your choice. This will be transferred into our festival currency on your chip on your festival wristband, for all products you wish to buy on site. We serve international cuisine and Polish classics as well as a wide selection of drinks. It is worth trying our delicious and multicultural food stands.

Transparent Currency Experience

We understand that in the past, dividing everything by 7 was not always the easiest, so we came up with the less complicated solution to make everybody’s lives easier. Introducing our new Garbicz currency, the Szunnys.
What does this mean?

Like in previous years, we find it essential to prescribe our guests a decent dose of arts as a remedy to navigate their ways through the mysteries of the forest. Therefore we call for you – the magicians, masters, mavens, doctors, wizzards, witches, curer, Artists.

1 Euro = 1 Szunny

As a cashless festival, our aim is also to take the piss out of the hyperdominant role of money in our society, to give it a critical note how much influence money has over our lives. Yay! We all win!

May I bring own drinks and food?

In the surrounding area you have the possibility to buy your own food and drinks, and you may also bring it from home. Glass bottles are not allowed. Barbecues are not allowed! Take your rubbish to the bin.

Drinking water

Our tap water is drinkable.
We are providing more water stations around the festival site every year that will provide everyone with fresh filtered drinking water from our wells that are about a 100 meters deep.