Garbicz Weekend Camps

Starting this weekend, Enklave Garbicz will host you on the beloved Festival grounds for 4 weekend camps.

As we realised, the perfect background for magic in many shapes. Each with its own theme and program, these weekends are an invitation to experience nature together, to relax our bodies and connect with ourselves and each other.


Pick your poison:

Discovery Weekend

07.08. – 10.08.2020

Celebration Weekend

14.08. – 17.08.2020

Empowerment Weekend

21.08. – 24.08.2020

Action weekend

28.08. – 31.08.2020

Will you come and make a new kind of magic with us?
Find out more and get your tickets

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Measures and safety precautions

Keep your distance, wear a mask!


Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow, not in your neighbor or your hands.

Share tents only with members from your own household / family or close friends.

Disinfect and wash hands regularly. There will be designated spots, please use them.

Please do not arrive if you feel unwell — there will be temperature controls at the entrance.

Wait only in designated, marked areas.

Bring your own masks! Please wear your masks where you get very close to other people, like lines for food or on the dancefloor.

Access to the premises only allowed with a fully completed Corona declaration.

When you put up your tent leave a 5 metre space in each direction.

Keep your distance – 2 meters of distance is ideal to help avoid the spread.

No hugs & kisses — save it for when we can celebrate the end of the pandemic.

Don’t share the same cups and dishes