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Music & Art Festival located directly at a beautiful lake. A festival to celebrate the joy of life & a lot of beautiful nonsense.

Garbicz Festival 2018 is taking place from 2nd to 5th August 2018 in Garbicz / Poland

General Ticket Infos

There is a limited capacity at Garbicz Festival. This is especially owing to the fact that we wish to preserve an atmosphere which should at least have a familiar and manageable tendency – this particular atmosphere is completely lost with an increasing number of visitors.

No entrance without a Ticket!

There will definitely be no tickets offered at the entrance of Garbicz Festival 2018. Persons arriving without a ticket will be sent back home.

No Cars with Buscamping-Tickets

Buscamping Tickets don't entitle the holder to access the Festival-Site with a Car! If your unsure if your type of car is qualified to access our Buscamping area, please get in toch with our Camping Team at

Garbicz Ambassador

A small contingent of tickets will be sold from June onwards via a few Garbicz-ambassadors and friends in other European countries. All tickets coming from cancellations will be sold via this channel.

Pass your Tickets

In order to prevent fraud we can only recommend not buying tickets from public trading platforms. The only way to be 100% sure you are making a safe, secure purchase of a valid ticket is by getting your ticket from our website. We can’t guarantee the validity of tickets bought from 3rd parties (on ebay or other ticket resellers) or release any information about the order. You purchase from an individual or re-seller at your own risk.

Cancelation of Tickets

If you cannot attend the festival for personal reasons, we can also cancel your tickets and refund the amount minus a fee of 4 EUR back to your bank account. Tickets can be cancelled until 31st May 2018 – there is no chance after this deadline!