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With the purchase of an admission ticket for Garbicz Festival 2018 you are granted access to the premises from 12:00 on Thursday, 2nd August 2018.

All tickets include Camping in tents on the festival area, bus-transfer from Berlin to Garbicz and back, as well as tokens for food and drinks.

Everything you need to know

In general: The festival also and mainly thrives on us holding ourselves accountable for human beings and nature. We think that partying together does not only mean having fun together but also - if necessary - to be there for each other.

In tangible terms, this means looking after each other and showing consideration for each other or offering help, if necessary. Please respect the needs and limits of other people! Please show special consideration to children!

More info regarding purchased tickets
More info regarding the volunteer program

Bushuttle / Bassliner

Your personal voucher code will be on file on your ticket account from mid-May 2018; use it to book your journeys from Berlin to Garbicz and back via the bassliner booking system..

Admission to the festival area

The festival area will be opened on Thursday, 2nd August at 12:00 noon. On the following Tuesday after the festival weekend everyone should have left the area by 18:00.

The official program starts on Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday at 22:00.

Tickets for the festival can exclusively be purchased via pre-sale. There is no ticket sale at the entrance - neither on Thursday, nor Friday, nor Saturday or Sunday. Visitors arriving without a valid ticket will be sent home!

Camping on the festival site

Tent camping ist mit Zelten kostenfrei möglich. Cars must not enter the camping area - You may purchase a camping-bus ticket for camping mobiles & caravans via pre-sale. Caravan tickets do not entitle you to enter the festival area with a car!

Please set up your camp in the designated areas to keep emergency escape routes clear and to ensure fire prevention.

Caravans and camping busses

There is a limited amount of camping bus tickets for sale, which only applies for caravans & camping busses – 100 € for the area inside the festival area and 50 € for the area directly in front of the entrance gates.
Such a ticket entitles you to enter the festival area with one respective car or caravan and to camp in the designated areas. The camping bus tickets do not entitle you to enter the festival area with a passenger car!

Individual motorized transport / Arrival by car

In deference to nature we wish to grant access to the festival area to as few cars as possible.
The neighboring village offers a convenient possibility to park private cars on a guarded parking area for a fee.

Drinking water & showers

Water tanks and water bottles can be filled up anytime and for free at water tap points.
There are also showers, of course. Cold.

Fire & BBQ

BBQ & open fire are not allowed owing to the increased risk of forest fires. There is a fire space by the lake that is attended by the organizer, as well a BBQ are close to the camping area.


The festival offers different food booths as well as a restaurant and the food floor where you may purchase a variety of balanced & tasty food for the festival currency.

In addition, there are little shops in the neighboring village – keep in mind to take some Polish Zloty with you, if you plan to go shopping.

There is no ATM within proximity of the festival area - the closest ones can be found in the towns of Boczów and Torzym nearby.

Thunderstorms and severe weather

In case of bad weather conditions resulting in an abandonment of the event, please leave the stages immediately and return to your tents and camps. Trees and hills do not provide sufficient protection. We will inform you as soon as the thunderstorm is over. Get out of the lake!

Health/ Medical care

Holding yourself accountable also includes making sure that you carry all essentials for proper wound care with you (plasters, disinfectant, ointment).

Remember to bring your meds, if you need to take them regularly.
Don't forget about your sun protection! (sunscreen, hat).

Ticks also live in Poland! Hence, tweezers or tick grippers are useful.
Of course, paramedics will be present at the festival, too. .


You attend the festival at your own risk, generally. We assume no liability for physical or property damages, neither during the event nor in the scope of arrival and departure.


Free admission for children up to the age of 13 years.

Swimming and bathing

Is generally prohibited.
If someone falls into the water, at best, in daylight and sober.

Remember, the lake is not a bathtub – please refrain from using shower baths, soaps and sunscreen before entering the lake, especially the latter requires a short previous shower before your bathing fun.

Dogs (and other pets)

Please leave your dogs (and other pets) at home!

Personal sound systems

We do not want sound systems und the camping and parking areas. Please leave your equipment at home - your camping neighbors will appreciate it.


There will be enough waste containers on the festival area – please use them. Do not throw your rubbish around – collect your cigarettes in pocket ashtrays! Leave no traces!

Please also remember to preferably make use of degradable hygienic products.

We do not want to charge a waste deposit, as we think that this system causes more harm than good in terms of our common responsibility for people and nature.


Glass bottles are not appreciated on the festival area. If you bring some, please make sure you keep them in your camp and do not carry them with you on the festival area!

We appreciate a festival area and dancefloors on which everyone can walk and dance barefoot and unconcerned!

No Confetti

Confetti is nice & colorful for a moment. However, it is quite unpleasant to pick up the little colorful shreds piece by piece from the landscape. Therefore: please leave it at home!


The forest around the festival area is partially quite dark and deep – Don't get lost!